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Mojan Alaiyeh, born in 1994, is an Iranian composer currently based in Amsterdam. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Classical Music Composition from Tehran University of Art and later pursued a Master's degree in Composing for Film and Media at the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

In her compositions, Mojan draws profound inspiration from literature and poetry, prioritizing the art of storytelling through music and its connecting power. Her musical repertoire spans a diverse range of styles, transitioning from acoustic to electronic elements, all while bearing the distinct influence of her Iranian musical roots. 

Mojan is currently a guest lecturer at the Young Talent department of Conservatorium van Amsterdam, developing a program on introduction to film music.

Since 2020, Mojan has composed the original scores for various award-winning short fiction and documentary productions, including "Over een Pastoor op Regenlaarzen" (fiction), "It Will Rain" (fiction), and "Filho" (documentary). In 2022, she showcased her musical talent by composing the original score for the feature-length comedy film "Candy en Bonita."

Beyond film, Mojan extends her artistic reach to commercials and trailers. Additionally, she engages in more experimental interdisciplinary collaborations with visual artists, including her work on "Short on Memory" by Atefeh Alaeddin.

Notably, in Grachtenfestival 2023, she curated the evocative program "Migration of Violets," featuring world premieres of her compositions alongside works by other Iranian female composers. Mojan is dedicated to creating music for various mediums and contexts, as well as concert performances.

Read my full CV resume below:

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